New Merch!

Much love to all the Internets that supported and were able to get their hands on our first snapback release. Salutes! However, the weather's changing and we know you need some fresh wears for your noggin going into the new season, so we figured it was the perfect time to lace y'all with the official-ticial 'Get Ready For Combat' edition. Whether you're heading into the office or making your way to the block, you can let the world know you aren't a fuckyberg. We also brought our signature t-shirts back, so you can continue repping if you just got your hair did or a fresh cut.

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The Marc Lamont Hill Episode

On this episode of The Combat Jack Show we welcome back our brother and esteemed Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Walk with us as we talk about his new book Nobody, constant occurrence of police brutality, BLM, forthcoming elections, his preference in women and lots more. Also on this episode, Mrs. Tonya Rapley of MyFabFinance stops by to give us the blueprint to financial freedom and cure us from debt.


The Weekly Drop

Our very own A-King presents #TheWeeklyDrop podcast,

bringing you new music and artists you should be checking for.

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